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We Are Passionate About Helping You Clean Up Your Books So You Can Enjoy Your Business. We Believe That What You Do Today Can Improve All Of Your Tomorrow’s, So Why Wait?

Successful Entrepreneur On a Mission to Help Small Businesses

Clean Up Bookkeeping Founder, Bunny Eisele

With a keen understanding of the daily bookkeeping and financial details of running a business, Bunny Eisele has been using her considerable accounting experience to help small business owners since 2016. With over three decades of experience organizing and cleaning up accounting messes, she’s seen it all. She has a passion for small business bookkeeping and truly enjoys helping others succeed.

Think your books are just too chaotic to fix? In her spare time, she has proudly founded and managed a rescue operation for Australian cattle dogs. This has, by far, been the most difficult and rewarding task she has ever completed. Messy accounting books are a piece of cake for her!

Streamline Your Finances with Professional Bookkeeping


Do you have a bag full of receipts?

Do you need to file your taxes but your books are incomplete or need to be looked over?

Are you trying to do your bookkeeping yourself but you're just not sure if it's complete and correct?

Do you want to do your own bookkeeping but are not sure where to start?

Do you hate or don't understand the bookkeeping part of your business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions:

Complete Peace Of Mind

You need a bookkeeper who can organize your receipts into a bookkeeping system.

You need a bookkeeper who can get your books started, complete them and look them over.

You need a bookkeeper who can look over your books and point out any problems.

You need a bookkeeper who can get your books set up and get you going.

Service We Offered

Trustworthy Bookkeeping Services For A Solid Financial Future

Our professional bookkeeping service provides meticulous financial management, ensuring accurate recording, organizing, and reporting of your business transactions.

Catch Up Services

We’ll get you caught up whether you’re behind in 3 months or 3 years.

1. Simple process just using your bank statements (but hold onto all those receipts for tax time!).

2. Transactions organized into the correct categories.

3. Easy-to-use system to organize receipts for future bookkeeping needs.

4. Reports provided to share with your tax preparer.

Clean-Up Services

Organize, Organize, Organize!

1. All transactions are categorized and organized.

2. Help with chart accounts and setting up new accounts.

3. Accurate and timely reports for tax time.

Additional Services

DIY or Don’t…

1. Want to do your books yourself? No problem! We will get you clean books and then turn them over to you. We’ll even provide you with short videos on how to keep your books up to date.

2. If you’re too busy or bookkeeping isn’t your strong suit ask us about our month-to-month services.

Balance Your Books, Empower Your Success

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Service Price Duration Category
Clean-Up Messy Bookkeeping 140.00 0:15 Bookkeeping
Catch Up Books 160.00 0:15 Bookkeeping

Your Financial Foundation Starts with Our Bookkeeping

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